• Seabrook Brothers & Sons, Inc.


    Frozen Food Manufacturers Customer desired durable stretch wrappers with the ability to be moved to different locations.  They chose the Wulftec SMH-200 high profile semi-automatic turntable unit.  Produced with heavy-duty steel, the Wulftec is built to last in tough environments. "Thank you for your help in the purchase and set up of the Wulfec stretch wrap machine. The integration of the machines was seamless and your service outstanding.  Both machines are located in freezing locations, and we are very pleased with their performance under those conditions.  Thank you again.", Packaging/Purchasing Mgr. Seabrook Brothers & Sons, Inc. Download This Success Story

    Seabrook Brothers & Sons, Inc.
  • Burris Logistics


    Project:  Multiple Wulftec WRTA-150, automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers "I want to take this opportunity to thank you in helping us find wrap machine equipment that best suits our needs. As you know, Burris Logistics, Elkton, MD, is a fast-paced, high-volume facility that operates 24 hours a day, 6.5 day a week, shipping out on the average 550,000 cases per week in a cold environment.  Beacuse of the temps we operate in, we are heavily reliant on our wrap machines to be in production during all shifts.  Unfortunately, after 5 years, we were not getting the necessary performance out of our original wrap machines. Your recommendation to looking at and finally deciding upon Wulftec equipment has been well received by our workforce, and our on-site customer.  Additonally, the assemble team, led by your installer, had a pretty tight timeline to get 6 machines up and running during our down time.  Your installer exceeded our expectations.  He also was of great value in making sure that everything that was discussed prior to installment was achieved.  He also spent a generous amount of time training the end users over 2 shifts in the proper use of the equipment, including all safety related features. Overall, considering the complexity of the project and the timeliness of the installation, this mission has been a great success. Thanks again for "Making it Happen." Operations Manager Burris Logistics Download this success story

    Burris Logistics
  • Allens


    Poultry processor in the MidAtlantic region. Wulftec WRT-150, semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper This unit was specifically designed for Allen's with a carriage unit cycle that starts and stops at the top of the pallet.  This special cycle keeps the 30" roll carriage away from the wet floor and the wash down environment to avoid rust.  The entire unit is also painted with a durable epoxy paint to help protect in this harsh environment. Download This Success Story

  • Pfizer


    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Wulftec WCA-SMART Increased productivity by replacing semi-automatic turntable unit with a fully-automatic conveyorized stretch wrapper attached to an existing automatic robotic arm palletizing unit. The new Wulftec used half the amount of film and wraps in a significantly shorter amount of time.  Decreased material usage and increased production, SMART choice! Download This Success Story

  • Snows Brands


    Snows Brands (Division of Bumble Bee Foods) Processor of Clams Wulftec WCA-SMART Automatic stretch wrapping equipment and conveyor system Added a system of conveyors from 2 existing palletizers to feed into 1 automatic stretch wrapper.  The system included 90 degree right angle chain transfer conveyor in two locations. “Your company was able to make the complex look simple with the installation and integration of our Wulftec WCA-SMART stretch wrap system.  There was more than a substantial amount of logistics involved with installing automatic conveyors and integrating the entire system to our existing palletizers.  Your installation team was able to accomplish the task in less than 12 hours and without interrupting production.  The follow-up visit was thorough and assuring as well.” – General Manager, Snow’s Brands a division of Bumble Bee Foods. Download this success story

    Snows Brands
  • Food Processor


    Food processor (pickles, relish, hot sauce, Enchilada sauce, pasta sauce) Customer replaced 2 entry level (inexpensive) stretch wrappers that had mechanical brake film carriages that were two years old (seen in background of this picture) with 2 new Wulftec SMH-150 machines that contain 200% prestretch rollers. Customer has more than cut their film usage in half! Typical pallets wrapped with the old units would use .60 lbs of film. The new Wulftec units consume only .25 lbs of the same film, and produce a better, tighter package. Download This Success Story

    Food Processor