With the recent addition of 60 solar panels to our warehouse, Delco Packaging Products is furthering its initiative to GO GREEN.  While our 60 panel array is not enough to completely power our operation, it is going a long way to lessen our dependence to the power company.  Harnessing the natural power source of the sun seems like a no brainer this day and age of increasing power costs.


We say the solar panels further our GREEN initiatives because they are a natural next step in the process of environmental savings we started years ago.  It all began with the program to reduce stretch film usage in the facilities of our customers.  For years now, we have been showing companies how to implement lower gauged film, while increasing stretch wrap performance.  The program involves moving toward automated processes (stretch wrap equipment) and away from hand wrapping.  It adds up to reduced resin production (petroleum based) and reduced introduction of used wrap into the waste stream.


The stretch wrap initiative led to programs of reduction in the field of adhesives, as well.  We led the field while introducing the Easy Pac program for hot melt sealing cartons and cases.  The Easy Pac product is applied at 200 dF, significantly reducing the amount of energy needed to melt and apply the glue to seal cases.


Let us demonstrate to your company how you too can GO GREEN!